What is hunger marketing?

“Hunger Marketing”:

Quite simply, hunger marketing is creating the illusion that supply is outstripping demand to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. When the supply decreases but the demand remains unchanged, the price will rise normally, forming a rush to buy.

For example, in the early years, when Apple mobile phones had not yet entered the mainland market, they could only be bought in specific areas such as Hong Kong, which made a large number of mainland consumers come to Hong Kong to buy them. The rush to buy not only pushed up the price of Apple’s mobile phones, but also rendered more people around, so that more people know Apple, indirectly enhancing the company’s image and brand.

Therefore, when you want to promote products or services, you can apply hunger marketing to promote the company’s business, but arbitrarily manipulating market supply and demand may be counterproductive and disgusting to customers.

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