What is Digital Marketing?

“Digital Marketing”:

As the name suggests, all use of digital technology for marketing can be called digital marketing, including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, etc. The following will take a closer look at social media marketing and SEO. The most popular digital marketing method is social media marketing, where more and more people use social media to share their lives and connect with friends. As a result, companies have set up advertisements on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote and promote the company’s business. In recent years, companies have also chosen to work with Key Opinion Leader (KOL opinion leader), because KOLs have a certain number of fans on social platforms, and it will be more effective to hire them to introduce the company’s products and services.

But when it comes to digital marketing, how little search engine optimization (SEO)is done, the role ofSEO is to improve the ranking of a company’s website in search engines such as Google (GOOGLE). Since searchers generally only pay attention to the top-ranked websites, websites want their rankings to be higher and more people to notice themselves, thus promoting their own business. It can be said that if you want your website to succeed in publicity and promotion,SEO is indispensable. Want to promote your company but can’t get started? We’ve got you covered, talk to us!